On the road again

Ideas of safety, private places, people’s feelings, life itself…


My photos are shot while my companions & I dwell among things that we sometimes have little regard for. Don’t attempt to recreate a lifestyle for fake photos if it is not who you are. I am not discouraging people from exploration, but there is a certain type of human that can handle what being truly free entails: danger & the death of concepts once thought to be building blocks of reality.

I was told by a warlock to listen to the wind when I was too young to understand a world of magic that’s in every one of us. But this man sensed it was my strength before anyone, including myself, could have known. Over 20 years later, I’ve been unable to stay still, traversing and traveling endlessly. I roam in all spaces, as the wind does. The places I’ve been & those I’ve yet to see constantly reach for me. We shape each other.

A life where work is the norm and exploration comes sparsely in the year is the fantasy they want you to believe. I live in a world much different than yours, albeit mostly in my head.

Here on my site, you’ll find printed photos taken while on my personal travels. I deal with evading jail time, wild animals, wild people, smashed cameras, sprained ankles, getting stuck in tight spaces, & plummeting hundreds of feet to where your adventures may end.

Please email me for anything from inquiries about pieces, exhibits,
upcoming trips or personal hellos…

Vagabond things — Soon to come:¬†pressed flowers picked while on the road, river-lake-ocean stones,¬†vintage clothes or jewelry collected over the past 10 years, irregular posts about what i see, hear and learn from exposure to different regions, states, cities, and situations in the US.