Beginnings of Self

I never liked taking photos. Here are early photos focusing on myself as a subject. Leavin California and movin to the East Coast pushed me to document my life in this world. I spent a lot of energy trying to push myself to show my face for years after these photos. Nearly 4 years have…

Bay Area

Wander through places that have been left to rot. They’ll take all the good away soon. This is home.

Endless Road

Living with irregularity & illegality, uncertainty & freedom. This is how gypsies are thought to have traversed; because of these qualities, they were persecuted & ostracized. Many who use the term “gypsy” have not seen a nomadic lifestyle and likely want no part of it. My morals & beliefs forced me to step away from…


Utah and New Mexico both have an omnipresent energy that is pure magic. I visited Utah first and was flush with the same feelings when I finally visited New Mexico.