Skirts, dresses, lingerie

just you and me $30usd   hold me tight ‘fore i float away $20usd   kiss me in the dark $30usd   singin in the garden $20usd  

Bay Area

Wander through places that have been left to rot. They’ll take all the good away soon. This is home.

Buy to donate to a charity

Purchase a $400 artwork or service listed below. ~50% goes to a deserving artist, 50% or more to a charitable cause, your choice. 1.5hr Photo shoot and/or 15 finished images or prints by Lita Blue (50% to be donated) 8-month collage dress by Angel Web (see Brisita Bug artist spotlight for photos) more being added…

Donate for a charitable cause

Donate 1 art piece to be auctioned off at $400 to someone with a lil spare change (you earn $200 or can donate all funds) 50% goes to a charitable cause, buyer’s choice. 4 charities/benefits they can choose from: American Rivers (Rivers Connect Us) “We’re gearing up to fight the hydropower industry’s latest anti-environment power…

pipe, bowl, blunt, joint pokers

These are part of a series invoked by my mother’s death in September 2017. They are pokers/scrapers for blunts, joints, or whatever bowl you’re currently into. Made entirely from various vintage and up-cycled jewelry; the green stones are the common centerpiece. My mother’s emerald bracelet was rarely worn, but she clutched it with pride every…