Brisita Bug – Sex, Dreams & Nature

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Dew drops on the tips of winter tree branches. In the sunlight, they are glowing with fiery light, illuminating the dead bare grey trees. A place between light and dark.

Wind passed through a tattered skirt fumbling at the warehouse-art-studio’s gate. I was sitting on a plastic lawn chair, smokin a bowl, waiting for the key to turn. I saw faint stick-n-poke tattoos grabbing for the difficult-as-hell lock and wondered if this was someone new moving in for the first time. Most of the humans renting studios had been there for years, never seeming to know what the next step was. I had only been there for a handful of months, but I never noticed this person walking through and they piqued my interest. Faded green hair with dark roots showing. A hole-filled, black skirt that I could tell was altered to be perfectly spooky. Ahhh… after being gone for 4 years, first south to LA County then even further south to the dirrty dirty souf, it was nice bein back in the bay, meetin like-minded artists.

After hours of conversation bout travel and other things greater than us, just a couple of months sharin weed, and a few dog dates, I decided to recognize Brisita as one of few inspirational artists I’d like to spotlight. Involved in all types of art and lifestyles, this bug shares bits of her philosophies regarding living in art & being on the road for 7 years.

First and foremost, I am and have always been a hustler.

That being said, I have the ability to wear many masks and fulfill many archetypes. I’ve had really fancy assistant jobs wearing a two-piece suit to farming for months and recycling all of our “trash” into technology (very messy work). But whether I’m wearing heels or homeless, playing music for money just to eat, I’m still the same person and it makes me feel like I don’t ft in anywhere. Because I don’t identify completely with any specific lifestyle, different moments call for different roles. I like to remain open to accessing different parts of myself and embrace my experiences to allow me to change instead of hold me back by conforming to some sort of standard.

I call myself different names depending on moments and situations. Grey Echo came to represent me because it’s the type of magic I practice, blurring lines between the dark and the light. Brisita Bug because Brisita in español is “little breezy” and it’s a nickname given to me by Spanish-speaking friends of mine. And Bug because I identify as a bug.

I’ve been making art since I was a baby and it means everything to me. Life itself is art, everything we do is an art.

Describe your approach
to preparing for a project:

“sex and dreams and nature”

With clothing, I aim to interpret what I see as feminine and like to represent the dirty goddess. The sacred whore hag within us all. I personally wish I could use spider webs as a medium so I infuse the suggestion of spider webs in each of my pieces, also I embroider a secret spider in each piece I make!

My most current finished project is inspired by a sexy empress that lives within us all. It’s a patched skirt that is short and sexy in the front and has a long, elegant tail in the back that reaches the floor. All my fabric is recycled from free piles on the street or from thrift stores and it is all very special. Mostly all the art supplies come from the street, I have a very special connection to the gutter mother who leaves me all I need.

I like to believe that traveling doesn’t get into the way of making art. But living on the road for several years I have come to realize that it is difficult for me to keep my finish products safe from being destroyed. Besides that I think that there are different kinds of art to be made during different types of living styles. What’s good for creating during travel is impractical during home nesting.

When I am traveling, that is when I have the least fears. When I travel, I feel I’m floating down the river I’m meant to and I’m not in control and I feel free.

Except COPS make me worry. I hate them.

I’ve often thought about the idea like what if making art was punishable by death or life in prison. And being an artist at all was a complete rebellion, than only the true artists would take that chance. Art would be at its most useful then. I think it’s good to push those boundaries because art is an act of chaos and cannot be tamed by laws of men. And since only some forms of art (that I love and participate in) are illegal art is not as sensationalized as it should be.

Everyone needs each other to be able to do what we want. We need to all stop giving such fucks! And let people be who they be. Anarchy is not a policy, it is a philosophical idea. It is a way of being and in order for it to exist in the material world TOLERANCE of diversity is the only way. Apathy and empathy at the same time. We are on our way but not very close at the moment in my opinion.


Plans, wisdom… go deeper with Grey Echo

Do you have some kind of message, what is your work about?

My work has many stories but I would say it is about the divine beauty of imperfection meant to be just so.

Do you consider your work digestible, understandable for the every day person?

Yes, I do consider my work to be empathetic creations. I want to make clothes that everyone can feel sexy and feminine in. EVERYBODY. And at the same time, I know my work is offensive to some people, which is also perfect.

Why do you think your work is exceptional, different than others doing the same or similar things? Have you reinvented the way people typically approach your craft?

Being an artist especially in the industry it’s hard to not be overwhelmed with all the similar crafts, sometimes even feeling like I’m being copied for things I’m pioneering. But nothing is new there are infinite alternative realities simultaneously existing and we are all connected by a web so we are all onto the same notion all at once fleshing it out in different expressions. But over all it’s the same message and that’s a good thing for me to remember, it makes my message feel more validated and important.

 Describe your life in it’s current state in 1 sentence or word:

Tightrope walking hoping to fall up managing to stay balanced.

What’s in your mind as the next step for your artwork?

Whatever is takes to keep on creating. Music and performance based art seem to be becoming more of an outlet and priority.

Describe where your art will be (in it’s evolution or physical location)
in 10 years in 1 sentence or word:


What’s a mandatory lesson learned from a past hustle of yours?

Make sure you’re working with something that you have an abundance of — that doesn’t demand someone else to slave away at.

In 1 or 2 sentences, where are you now?

Lost. Getting lost forever is all that life is and will ever be.

Where do you want to go next?

Somewhere not in the city.

Angel Web is donating a patchwork collage dress made of vintage clothing, 8 months of hard work, and a hidden spider to keep a special part of the universe with you at all times. It’s believed that spiders are both good luck and demonic beings. Take your pick. Starting price: $400, can be outbid for 24hrs. If no other bids are made, this dress is yours. 50% goes to a charity of your choice: American Rivers, Native American Rights Fund, Operation Tiny Home, Rescuing Leftover Cuisine, or Lita’s Community Give Back Fund for Food/Water/Clothing

Visit the “help others” links above to learn about these non-profits and claim this dress


“Focus on what makes you happy not what makes you cool.”

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