Common Cents (Sense) Festival

All we need to do is use common sense, and we can solve world hunger, and the water, housing, and health care crises. Click here to find out about a scientific solution to all of the above problems.

Skirts, dresses, lingerie

just you and me $30usd   hold me tight ‘fore i float away $20usd   kiss me in the dark $30usd   singin in the garden $20usd  

Do you know what it’s like?

to be intentionally lost. it took some time for me to find it, but i discovered that there’s a world out there that we were told doesn’t exist. you’re led to believe a life of constant servitude is the only way. i often disappear from your reality and won’t ever stop. the fear from having…

Beginnings of Self

I never liked taking photos. Here are early photos focusing on myself as a subject. Leavin California and movin to the East Coast pushed me to document my life in this world. I spent a lot of energy trying to push myself to show my face for years after these photos. Nearly 4 years have…

Bay Area

Wander through places that have been left to rot. They’ll take all the good away soon. This is home.

Buy to donate to a charity

Purchase a $400 artwork or service listed below. ~50% goes to a deserving artist, 50% or more to a charitable cause, your choice. 1.5hr Photo shoot and/or 15 finished images or prints by Lita Blue (50% to be donated) 8-month collage dress by Angel Web (see Brisita Bug artist spotlight for photos) more being added…

Donate for a charitable cause

Donate 1 art piece to be auctioned off at $400 to someone with a lil spare change (you earn $200 or can donate all funds) 50% goes to a charitable cause, buyer’s choice. 4 charities/benefits they can choose from: American Rivers (Rivers Connect Us) “We’re gearing up to fight the hydropower industry’s latest anti-environment power…

Endless Road

Living with irregularity & illegality, uncertainty & freedom. This is how gypsies are thought to have traversed; because of these qualities, they were persecuted & ostracized. Many who use the term “gypsy” have not seen a nomadic lifestyle and likely want no part of it. My morals & beliefs forced me to step away from…


Utah and New Mexico both have an omnipresent energy that is pure magic. I visited Utah first and was flush with the same feelings when I finally visited New Mexico.

pipe, bowl, blunt, joint pokers

These are part of a series invoked by my mother’s death in September 2017. They are pokers/scrapers for blunts, joints, or whatever bowl you’re currently into. Made entirely from various vintage and up-cycled jewelry; the green stones are the common centerpiece. My mother’s emerald bracelet was rarely worn, but she clutched it with pride every…