Common Cents (Sense) Festival

This festival is much needed in Oakland.
This festival is much needed all over the US, and the world.
But we must start small.
I have been told this won’t work…

But we can restore common sense/common cents to the masses.


This quote is from the final section of Common Sense by T. Paine. His pamphlet is intended not just to lay out an argument in favor of independence, but also to motivate and rouse the populace.

Until an independence is declared the continent will feel itself like a man who continues putting off some unpleasant business from day to day, yet knows it must be done, hates to set about it, wishes it over, and is continually haunted with the thoughts of its necessity.

Where: Oakland Ca
What: Festival for Common Cents/Sense/Community building
When: April 1st, 9am to 8pm

Where: Lake Merritt
How much: $0.00 It’s free! No money is to be exchanged at the festival

If we band together, we can end most basic human suffering in Oakland within a few years.

This is not suggesting any wacky theories, not lawlessness.

Only common sense, scientific solutions. We can help each other regain motivation, self-confidence, and a sense of community through art, knowledge, and shared resources.

If you’d like to help. I’m still recruiting & need the following help/volunteers:

  • Photographers (2-3 volunteers) to take no more than 50-100 shots per photographer
  • Videographers (2 volunteers) to shoot no more than 20 subects/1 min clips per)
  • Philanthropists (4-20 volunteers) to provide social work/resources to anyone in need of food, shelter, or healthcare. These tasks will include helping people sign up for EBT, Medi-Cal, cheaper housing, looking over resumes to help the youth get jobs
  • People who want to run/join a “Free Market” (10-20 traders will lay vintage clothing, collectibles, other things out on the grass to trade their items)
  • Poets/Speakers (4 volunteers with stories to share. Do you have a sotry of being shamed/ignored in regards to your natural body?) to join me in my “Naked Monologues”
    (Similar to Vagina Monologues, this will be to desexualize and normalize nudity, talk about sexual harassment and why it’s not OK to stand by as people in your community are victimized. I was one of those people who asked for help and instead was ignored.
  • If you’d like to help monetarily, I am accepting festival donations , and if you’d like to donate to me personally, that would also be helpful. I want to focus my time on the festival rather than worrying about rent and food to eat. These are problems I am trying to solve, but spend too much time focusing on basic needs instead of my festival. Send PayPal donations to
    In order for me to receive full amount, “Family and Friends”

I will be keeping everything transparent to ensure trust!

Currently raised for personal use (such as burritos and March rent): Dr. Necessitor — $20

Currently raised for Common Cents Fest: Jake — $25 Stephen K — $50