Common Cents (Sense) Festival

This festival is much needed in Oakland.
This festival is much needed all over the US, and the world.
I have been told this won’t work…

But we have to try and restore common sense/common cents to the masses.


To say, they will never attempt it again is idle and visionary, we thought so at the repeal of the stamp-act, yet a year or two undeceived us…

This quote comes from the third section of Common Sense, in which Paine considers the details of America’s relationship with Britain. Here, he argues that the British simply cannot be trusted to deal fairly with the colonies. Paine points out that the British have repeatedly imposed unfair taxes, and even after they repealed them, as with the stamp-act, later imposed new ones.

Why is it that we hesitate? From Britain we can expect nothing but ruin. If she is admitted to the government of America again, this continent will not be worth living in.

This quote, from the middle of the final section of Common Sense, is characteristic of much of Paine’s rhetoric. His pamphlet is intended not just to lay out an argument in favor of independence, but also to motivate and rouse the populace. As such, Paine’s style is often intended to rouse the reader. He accomplishes this task particularly well in this passage by first questioning whether there really is a good reason to stay quiet about the need for independence and then by painting a vivid picture of the disturbing reality that would exist were America to remain under British rule.

Until an independence is declared the continent will feel itself like a man who continues putting off some unpleasant business from day to day, yet knows it must be done, hates to set about it, wishes it over, and is continually haunted with the thoughts of its necessity.

Where: Oakland Ca
What: My festival will be about Common Cents/Sense/Community building
When: April 1st, 9am to 9pm

Where: Lake Merritt (subject to change)
How much: $.025 Donation (will be provided if you need $.025 cents)

Scientists know solutions to the hunger, water, housing, and healthcare crises that plague the Bay Area.
The solutions are all science based. Watch The Choice is Ours to get info on what we need to do NOW to solve the hunger, water, housing, and healthcare crises. This film will be shown at the festival along with Toy Story, if I can get the licensing.

If we band together, we can end most basic human suffering in Oakland within a few years.

This is not suggesting any wacky theories, not lawlessness.

Only scientific solutions.

If you’d like to help. I need the following:

  • Poster designers (5-10 volunteers)
  • Other philanthropists — I can do all of this alone but I would like help (from at least four other people) to help contact potential sponsors, musicians, vendors, Etc (Clif Bar, Kind Bar, Raw Papers, other organic/ethical/sustainable companies, SZA, Pharrell/Noone*Ever*Really*Dies, Kali Uchis, Paramore, Incubus, Pixar, City of Oakland, etc… )
  • Security (4-10 volunteers) to check IDs for 21+ (no names are written, only wristbands given out so you can take home some “swag”/goodies)
  • Medic/Triage director & (4-7) volunteers for first aid/healthcare sign-up combo
  • Movie projector, screen & operators (3-6 volunteers). Can someone please contact Pixar to ask for licensing? They are a Bay Area company and I’m sure they would love to let us show Toy Story at this fest. Toy Story will be able to reach the youth, it teaches that there are ways around problems  even if people say  you can’t solve it. It teaches self-confidence, friendship, misunderstandings, acceptance, friendship, love, etcetera…)
  • Philanthropists (4-20 volunteers) to provide social work/resources to anyone in need of food, shelter, or healthcare. These tasks will include helping people sign up for EBT, Medi-Cal, cheaper housing, looking over resumes to help the youth get jobs
  • Poets/Speakers (8 volunteers) to join me in my “Misunderstood Monologues” to rebuild community and understanding on all fronts (if you have factual experiences with discrimination against you because of how you look before someone understands who you are, share it. This can include “looking homeless”… looking rich, looking white, looking black, looking mean and being shunned, looking too nice and being taken advantage of, looking like a woman, looking like a man and being judged, etc…)
  • Artists (20-40 volunteers) to sell their art to make the fest vibrant

-live painters

-jewelry makers

-food vendors


-tattoo artist booths

-zine sellers

-photography booth/prints (sell polaroids maybe?)

-pottery sales

-glass/smoking wares


  • Artists (20-40 volunteers to donate portions [5%-100%] of money raised through their art to an Oakland-based charity at the end of the festival. Maybe Village Oakland would benefit?)
  • People who want to run/join a “Flea Market/Free Market” (10-20 sellers/traders will lay vintage clothing, collectibles, other things out on the grass to sell or trade their items)
  • Musicians (12 hr festival, so 5-7 singers/bands would suffice) to sing original work or covers of songs such as “What’s Goin On” by Marvin Gaye
  • Poets/Speakers (4 volunteers with stories to share. Do you have a sotry of being shamed/ignored in regards to your natural body?) to join me in my “Naked Monologues”
    (Similar to Vagina Monologues, this will be to desexualize and normalize nudity, talk about sexual harassment and why it’s not OK to stand by as people in your community are victimized. I was one of those people who asked for help and instead was ignored.
  • Event planners (2 volunteers) and other great thinkers to help make sure everything is covered
  • People of science and reason (5-10 volunteers)  to spread the word on nature conservancy, medicinal plants, healthy diets, proper Fitness technique, proper self-defense technique I was assaulted and my pepper spray was in my pocket, many people keep it in their backpacks)
  • If you’d like to help monetarily, I am accepting festival donations , and if you’d like to donate to me personally, that would also be helpful. I want to focus my time on the festival rather than worrying about rent and food to eat. These are problems I am trying to solve, but spend too much time focusing on basic needs instead of my festival. Send PayPal donations to
    In order for me to receive full amount, “Family and Friends”

I will be keeping everything transparent to ensure trust!

Currently raised for personal use (such as burritos and March rent): Dr. Necessitor — $20

Currently raised for Common Cents Fest: Jake — $25