Do you know what it’s like?

to be intentionally lost. it took some time for me to find it, but i discovered that there’s a world out there that we were told doesn’t exist. you’re led to believe a life of constant servitude is the only way. i often disappear from your reality and won’t ever stop. the fear from having nothing pales in comparison to the freedom it’s brought to my life. no steady career, no real home, no mouths to feed but your own… not much more than a joint to smoke before bed, the free world in front of you, and no one to answer to.

but there are darker sides to this life. can you imagine the situations you find yourself in? sleeping alone on a southern california beach at night, or parked in the mission district of san francisco… you become tough and sometimes learn to hate the world you’ve left behind. no one is exempt from it’s evils.

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