Buy to donate to a charity

Purchase a $400 artwork or service listed below.
~50% goes to a deserving artist, 50% or more to a charitable cause, your choice.

1.5hr Photo shoot and/or 15 finished images or prints by Lita Blue (50% to be donated)
8-month collage dress by Angel Web (see Brisita Bug artist spotlight for photos)

more being added monthly…

5 benefits to choose from:

American Rivers (Rivers Connect Us) – Amount raised: be the first to donate
“We’re gearing up to fight the hydropower industry’s latest anti-environment power grab, advocate for the wild rivers that run through our public lands, and to stand strong against any new threat the Trump administration brings to our clean drinking water.”

Native American Rights Fund – Amount raised: be the first to donate
“Support justice for Native American tribes, organizations, and individuals… Some tribal lands contain extractable resources such as oil, gas, and timber. Other lands are used for hunting, fishing, livestock grazing, and agriculture. The political and economic self-determination and self-sufficiency of most tribes depend on maintaining their land and natural resources. Much of NARF’s work under this priority involves helping tribes to safeguard their land rights; water rights; hunting, fishing, and gathering rights; resource rights; and environmental rights.

Operation Tiny Home – Amount raised: be the first to donate
“Operation Tiny Home is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that assists people struggling with severe housing instability to maintain a life of dignity through custom high-quality tiny housing solutions and empowerment training programs.”

Rescuing Leftover Cuisine – Amount raised: be the first to donate
“Dedicated to helping the hungry by rescuing and donating leftover food to homeless shelters. $50 Allows us to rescue enough food to feed 415 people per month.”

Lita’s Local Food, Water, & Clothing Fund – Amount raised: be the first to donate
This will have the most visible impact that we can really gauge with photos and video. Since I travel, the money will be used on resources for those in whatever town I am living in or a ‘hood that I decide needs help.


Thank you! I’ll email back soon.

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